About S.O.E.

Strategic Organisational Ethics promotes a systematic analysis and understanding of an organisation's ethics and moral norms. The coordinating theme of our work is an understanding of the determinants and degree of the positivity of the social identity of an organisation. 

A huge amount of effort and resources are put into raising ethical standards, much of it formal and much of it ad-hoc attempts to change or assert a corporate 'culture'. The result is too often that efforts are made that are their own justification. While on the face of it this, each may be hard to argue against, but a great deal of resources may be wasted in the process, and without addressing the real challenges the organisation faces.

S.O.E. assists organisations in working towards a Positive Social Identity, and the means to explicitly identify attributes of the ethical situation in which the organisation operates that can influence the moral norms within the organisation.

The information provided by S.O.E. is not a magic bullet. It does however provide organisations with a type of information previously unavailable. 

The S.O.E. approach is data driven, actionable, reproducible and contextually sensitive. In short it is strategic.