What We Do

S.O.E. provides monitoring and evaluation of organisations, in terms of corruption risk, ethics, moral norms and the positivity of the social identity.

Although a general methodology, S.O.E. has extensive experience of organisational analysis in developing and transition countries.

It is against this background of indicators that interventions designed to change behaviour and motivations are bench-marked. A rich set of coherent quantitative data provide insight into where the organisation is and the impact that interventions, from wherever they occur, have on the organisation achieving what those within it wish to achieve.

S.O.E. selects suitable collaborators depending on the nature of the project to be undertaken.

  • Organisational Analysis. The S.O.E. approach is quantitative, it involves collecting a large amount of information about a slice of your staff, including all levels of management. It is the richness of this information that allows the analysis to be robust, cross check-able, and free from manipulation. All information gathered is anonymous and none is negative. Nobody should be fearful of participating.¬†
  • Training on how to reproduce the analysis.¬† S.O.E. believes that each organisation should be able to carry this process out themselves. We actively encourage ¬†organisations develop the capacity to be able to do this.
  • Executive briefing on interpreting ethical capacity data. Indicators of ethical capacity are new. They might be likened to a new set of accounts. As such they need to be interpreted, before they can be used for adopting a strategy to take account of the knowledge they contain.